Jun 26, 2014

update: front room

over the past four or five months, we've added a few new elements to the front room. nothing deserving of its own post, but here's an update on how the room is coming along overall.

i'm trying to get to a place of less is more. i do love me some tchotchkes -- but i hate the overall cluttered feeling that happens with too much displayed. the house gets messy enough with a preschooler on the roam! ;)

we finally added two mcm side chairs to complete the conversation area. we found them at urban outfitters (dagmar chair in the honey color) and waited for a sale code. they're solid wood, pretty sturdy and very comfortable. my only reservation is that the cushions might go flat quickly, but that's easily remedied with some extra foam.
i'm still addicted to houseplants. and i'm giving it another go with fig trees. i don't want to jinx myself, but this one has thrived for two months or so.

we've had this thrifted side table for a while, it's just in a more prominent location now. i snagged it at goodwill for $5 a couple of years ago. it needed a little love, but rolled perfectly and still had both glass shelves. cleaning the brass proved more difficult than i anticipated so i ended up spraypainting it with my favorite rustoleum metallic.

i left a few items on the coffee table -- the same ones that have always been there. i love the setup so much, i can't bear to get rid of any part of it. :)

the faux cowhide pillows on the side chairs are from cost plus world market (here, they're on sale and have great reviews!). they're a little more yellow than i was expecting, but i like the texture they add to the room so they stayed. we haven't had any problems with them shedding.

i added this adorable rabbit pillow from h&m (here, organic cotton cushion cover and only $6!) on the ainslie sofa
i had to get it because i'm a crazy rabbit lady.

we're still debating whether to spend our lulu & georgia credit on more pillows for the sofa. the furry pillows there now are kind of sad-looking, but they're sooo soft and squashy -- perfect for afternoon naps. :)

i put these air plant terrariums together a couple of months ago and am waiting for fish to hang them. they're pretty low down on fish's to-do list. or else i could learn how to nail into plaster. i'm exceptionally terrible at it right now.

we know where we want them: hung in a straight column over one of the built-ins. it's just a matter of actually doing it.

and that's it! besides a few finishing touches, i think we can count the front room as finished for now. you know what else is almost finished? the powder room! stay tuned...

* mari


  1. Lookin' good! You have a certain decor style that I admire and often have a hard time executing myself. I am sooo jealous! Those chairs are fab and I am drooling over your $5 side table.

    1. thanks so much, Jennifer! I can say the same thing to you, haha! I love the way you've put
      your home together, especially the great room. :)

  2. Mari I love your set-up! It's because of you I've given my air plants another go and they are actually all alive after six months!

    I need to do more thrifting. Our living room is *still* seriously lacking in the side & coffee table department. You've put together an incredibly beautiful home :D


    1. thank you, nicole! i'm so happy for your air plants, haha! i love thrifting, but i hardly have time for it anymore. :(

  3. Love how you have styled the surfaces and the room still looks clean and spare. That cowhide pillow is to die for.


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